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Оборудование для малого и среднего бизнеса, портал
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Equipment for Polyfoam Producing

We produce equipment for polyfoam and cellular polystyrene producing, which let us provide different grades of material fabrication according to all-Union State Standard 15588-86.

Our equipment is completely engineered by our own construction department, where the best designers in this sphere work. By developing the most modern scientific advances are used, so we say about the produced equipment significant benefit. For detail see chapter equipment.

Equipment for polyfoam and ( cellular polystyrene) producing in addition is completed by equipment for nonremovable casing made of polyfoam producing and equipment for polystyrene concrete producing.
Cellular polystyrene polyfoam is modern constructive lagging material which provides high thermal protection and fire safety. Do you want to understand the process of polyfoam producing? Then read chapter "How to Make Polyfoam?".

Acquisition of equipment for polyfoam and polystyrene producing is your money profitable investment. Have a look at chapter business plan.

Бункер выдержки. Оборудование для производства пенопластаБлоки пенопласта
Резка блоков на листыВентилятор
Дробилка. Оборудование для производства пенопластаРезка блоков вертикальная
Паровой котелБлок-форма
Паронакопитель. Оборудование для производства пенопластаУстановка вакуума. Оборудование для производства пенополистирола

If you’ve got questions connected with our equipment or engineering process write to, our managers will answer you in no time..